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Notice 2019.08.16: Pre-shaped nibs will be available in limited quantities for the rest of 2019. They will be produced in small batches and sold in flash sales (announced here and Instagram) to ensure quick shipments. Mail-in pen customizations are temporarily discontinued for this season. Thank you for your interest!

Have no fear! This form is just an inquiry and not a commitment to buy. Currently taking orders for Jowo (#6/#5) and Bock 250 (#6) nibworks. Also accepting customizations to your own pens. Please confirm with me before shipping any materials.

When requesting more than one nib/service, feel free to add the extra units to the Additional Info box.

This is the form to fill out when you leave a pen with me at a show. If you'd like to pick up at a show, please indicate in the Shipping / Delivery drop-box.

Name *
i.e. Inverted Architect or Needlepoint
Please select which customized nib unit you would like to purchase or select "Grind my own pen" if appropriate.
i.e. ""Pelikan Souverän M805 in Stresemann Anthracite" if sending your pen to me for customization or set-up.
Optional for inquiry, required for shipments.
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