Nibs On Point

Tailor your writing.

Pen Show Grinds & Set-Ups

There is a fresh sign up sheet each day at my table for grinds to your own pen. Set-up of customized nib units is incorporated into the grinding list. My goal is providing the cleanest nibwork possible to as many people as I can. I am not yet the fastest nibist on the block (nor will I ever try to be), so I appreciate your patience and generosity.

You are welcome to “come as you are” for nib grinds and set-ups, I have no prerequisites. If you have specific preferences then please bring your favorite ink and paper combination so we can accommodate your individual style. Otherwise, I tend to have Waterman’s ink and a Rhodia pad handy. If you are only at the show for a short period then it might be wise to purchase one of the pre-shaped nibs instead. Alternatively, you can mail a pen to me ahead of the show, leave a pen with me for after the show, or pre-purchase your custom nib unit to guarantee availability at the show. As always, please contact me before mailing any materials.

Why Me?

In 2018, the esteemed nibmeister whose work I have primarily studied and modeled my own clean style after was gracious enough to review some of my nibworks. He was pleased and encouraged me to offer services to the pen community, recommending that I start to set up a table at pen shows. This is me, listening to the wisdom of my elder. Purchasing my nibs and services helps me secure a future to eventually become a master tradesman in both classic and modern nibwork. Despite my nearsightedness, my goal is to service the pen community well into my gray hairs. Thank you for joining me on my journey.

Pen Show Etiquette

None. Just be a decent person! Actually, I haven’t encountered a full-fledged jerk at shows so far… maybe someone irritated from hunger? I love the community and socialization at pen shows and hope to exhibit and attend more in the future. I especially love nibs (obviously) and photography, so please feel free to come by and chat! Better yet, snap a pic of me. I’m usually the guy behind the lens and recently realized there aren’t that many pictures of me spending time with my pen friends or working on nibs. I’m looking forward to seeing you there!