Nibs On Point

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Proud father, husband, and cohabitant with a dog and cat in the DC suburbs. Myopic vision, both literal and figurative. An ardent craftsman, likely to an unhealthy degree but at least it’s productive and contributes something small to society. There is so much in the world that amazes me but when it comes to pens I focus in on the nibs. Making tines perform at their peak potential soothes my obsessive tendencies.

Experimentation and execution of designs and ideas drive me to explore daily. Everything has been done before but through extrapolation is innovation. Purchasing my nibs and services helps me secure a future to eventually become a master tradesman in both classic and modern nibwork. Despite my nearsightedness, my goal is to service the pen community well into my gray hairs. Thank you for joining me on my journey. (And no, I won’t burden you with these $100 words in real life… I just fall back to an old “school mode” when behind a computer. If you’ve read this far, stop by and chat. You’re likely “my type of people”.)

-JC Ament